Who We Are

We are an original manufacturer of lithium batteries and solar panels. Our expertises will ensure you top sales in the market.

Solar Panels

Rubberized by ETFE, our flexible solar panels are incredibly good-looking, thin, lightweight, less prone to cracks and fractures. According to your requirement, we can make the products flexible, semi-flexible, or foldable. Our designs enable easy installation to surfaces of all shapes and designs, thus their uses are endless. In addition to charging your small devices, you can power a golf cart, RV, camp trailer, boat, etc. for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting. Our solar panels are also ideal for emergencies and can be a power source where grid power isn’t accessible. They are also great for marine applications thanks to the excellent saltwater resistance.

High fire resistance, excellent solar transmittance, self-cleaning, recyclable, these superior characteristics of ETFE raise the price of these panels, but you’ll at least get value for your money when you invest in them. With our solar panels, you can now have a device that puts out power anywhere anytime as long as there’s sunshine! For more details please download the catalgue of portable solar panels.

Of course we also produce the traditional rigid solar panels, which are renowned for their high energy conversion efficiency and sturdy design. Unlike flexible panels, rigid panels boast a solid frame that offers stability and resilience against diverse weather conditions. Our even have a new type of panels, namelly Dual Glass or Double Glass panels, which uses a glass layer on the back of the modules instead of the traditional polymer backsheet, thus the panel is able to generate more power from the light reflection on the back side.

Portable Power Stations

Our portable power stations use built-in lithium-ion batteries to pack a lot of power into relatively small and lightweight units, and provide power to equipment and devices without creating noise, pollution, and fumes, hence they are very good alternatives to traditional diesel generators. Our products are easy to use and lasts for years with almost no maintenance required.

With multiple outlets like AC, DC, carport and USB, you can charge all your devices like phones, laptops, refrigerator, CPAP, heater and more. Besides, all products have built-in flashlights, hence they are great for emergencies and outdoor activities. Model A101 is designed for the best portability. T3 and P06 feature a jump starter, so they are lifesavers for automotive use when your car battery dies. P06 Pro is the most compact design for the best capacity-weight balance. Model F2400 and bigger items are all-around amazing, and they function as a basic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) hence they work perfect for emergency backup. The S series products are able to expand capacity by adding extra batteries, hence they are ideal alternatives to Residential Energy Storage System (ESS). All of them can be recharged by a standard AC wall outlet, car adapter, or solar panels for clean, renewable energy anywhere.

Energy Storage System Batteries

Coupled with solar panels or AC-power, our Energy Storage System Batteries can help in achieving a more sustainable, independent lifestyle. These ESS batteries are especially suitable for application scene of high power, limited installation space, restricted load-bearing and long cycle life.