Emerging Market of Portable Power Satation

Energy storage is the most popular business in recent years, known as the next trillion business opportunities. There are many application fields of energy storage, including industrial and commercial energy storage, household energy storage, communication energy storage, portable energy storage, etc., among which portable energy storage (outdoor power supply, or portable power station) is the most rapidly developing segment. It is a small portable power supply device with built-in lithium-ion battery that replaces traditional small fuel generators. It has the characteristics of large capacity, high power, safety and portability,It can provide a power supply system with stable AC/DC voltage output, the battery capacity is 100Wh-3000Wh, equipped with AC, DC, Type-C, USB, PD and other interfaces, which can match the mainstream electronic equipment on the market, suitable for outdoor travel, Emergency disaster relief, medical rescue, outdoor operations and other scenarios.

The huge market demand for portable energy storage is driven by the global popularity of outdoor activities and the growing importance of energy storage against emergency. With the rise of road trip, suburban trip, camping activities and outdoor live show, portable energy storage that can power mobile phones, laptops, tablets, rice cookers, electric heaters, lamps and other electrical outdoor appliances are favored by more and more consumers. Besides, due to the unstable power supply in some disaster-prone and underdeveloped areas, the demand for backup and emergency power will also be an important market for portable energy storage in the future.

Portable energy storage products are replacing traditional diesel generators in outdoor activities. In 2016, the global shipment of portable energy storage products was 52,000 units, and in 2021, it reached 4.838 million units, and the market size reached 11.13 billion RMB (around 1.61 billion USD). In five years, it achieved a 90-fold growth, becoming an emerging market in the energy storage segment. In the next four to five years, the global annual shipments of portable energy storage is expected to reach more than 30 million units, and the market size is about 80 billion RMB (around 11.59 billion USD), an increase of 7-8 times compared with 2021.

Huge market and good profits attracted many merchants into the market. As the main producer, China accounts for up to 90% of the global production and sales. China has the most perfect industrial chain and division of labor system, which can provide various types of products at a low cost to meet the diversified and differentiated demands of overseas markets.

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