F5000 ( 5000W, 5120Wh )

Product: Portable power station
Model: ET-F5000
Rated power: 5000W
Rated capacity: 5120Wh
Battery: High Quality LiFePO4 battery 51.2V100Ah 1600000 mAh
AC Output: 1x 220V10A; 1x 220V16A
UPS function: switching time < 20 ms
AC Input: 220V30A, 6000W Max
PV Input: MC4 430V Max, 6000W Max, MPPT 60~115V 80A Max
EV Charger Input: 220V 30A Max, 6000W Max
Dimension Size: 700*424*482mm
Net Weight: 65kg




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