T3 ( 170W DC only, 76.92Wh )

Product: 5-in-1 versatile Jump Starter
Model: ET-T3
Rated capacity: 76.92Wh
Battery: 20800mAh High Quality Lithium-ion Prismatic Batteries
1- Car Jump Starter: 1x EC5 12V/600A
2- Pump: Max 73 psi, suitable for vehicle, bicycle, balls, etc..
3- USB ports: 1x PD Type-C 100W, 2x Type-A 5V2.4A
4- LED light: 2x 6W torch and 1x 10W light
5- DC Output ports: 1x DC5521 12~16.8V10A
DC Input: 1x 12-24V/7.5A
Accessories: 1 Adapter, 1 Car Ignition Wire
Dimension: 216*150*79mm
Net Weight: 1.85kg
Airplane boarding allowed


T3 is a do-it-all multifunctional Lithium-ion Jump Starter With Air Compressor / Adjustable LED light / 12-volt DC outlet / 5-volt USB outlet / 100W Type-C outlet / Nozzle adapter. With T3, you don’t need to worry roadside emergencies when your vehicle won’t start. This compact, portable device is very powerful to jump-start your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV, or tractor; all without the need to use another vehicle for assistance. Simply connect the clamps to the battery, turn on the switch and start your vehicle. This jump starter is equipped with an air compressor to help inflate tires, sport equipment, or other items with low pressure. The built-in USB ports and Type-C 100W comes in handy to charge your phone and electronic devices. Its high-powered LED light and flashlight help you work in the dark.


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