FSP500 ( 500W )

Product: Flexibal Foldable Solar Panel
Model: FSP500
Plastic composite, lightweight, less prone to cracks and fractures.
Module type: High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon
Solar Cell Lamination: ETFE
Cell Efficiency: ≥22.6%
Peak Power(Pm): 500W Maximum
Voltage at Max Power (Vmp): 42.75V
Current at Max Power (lmp):11.69A
Open Circuit Voltage(voc): 51.5V
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 12.35A
Operating Temperature: -10℃ – +65℃,
Best Working Temperature: +25℃
Output: MC4
IP Rating: IP65
Folding Number: 10
Folded Dimension: 585*510*75mm
Unfolded Dimension: 2613*1183*35mm
Net Weight: 9.92kg


This is a cutting edge new type solar panel !

Unlike ordinary panels of glass assembly, our product use new type of lightweight substrate which is similar to laminated thermosetting plastics. It has advantages of:

  • 50% lighter, compared to ordinary type.
  • more flexible and hence it provides better protection and longer service life.
  • thinner and smaller for the best portability.

Thanks to these advantages, we can reduce the weight to only 9.92 kg and pack the full size 2613*1183*35mm into folded size 585*75*510 mm only !

Comparing ordinary panels in market which weight around 17 Kg and folded size longer than 1 meter, you can sure this is a real high-end product.

Can you do customized LOGO?

We do OME for your brand if order big quantity. Recommended brand: American RAK


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