F3600 ( 3600W, 3840Wh )

Product: Portable power station
Model: ET-F3600
Rated power: US 3300W (Peak 6000W)/ EU 3600W (Peak 7200W)
Rated capacity: 3840Wh
Battery: 48V80AH LiFeP04 battery
DC Output ports: 2x 12V3A
Type-C USB port: 1x PD100W; 3x PD20W
Type-A USB port: 2x QC3.0 18W
AC Output: (US& JP) 4x 110V/20A NEMA 5-20 sockets; 1x 110V/30A TT-30 socket (pure sine wave rated power 3300W / (EU) 3 AC outlets, rated power 3600W, 220V voltage
Cigarette lighter port: 1x 12V/10A
XT60 Output: 1x 12V/25A
UPS function: switching time < 10 ms
LED light: 1x 3W
Removable Flashlight Torch: Removable & rechargable Flashlight Torch, SOS light, Type-C charge port
AC Input: 1x 5 Gears adjustable input power, US& JP: 1500W Max;EU: 2200W Max. Full charged time US/JP≈3 Hours, EU: 2 hours full charged
DC Input: 1x Solar plug(XT90 to MC4 12-160V 2000W Max.) Full charged time≈2.5 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation )
Dimension Size: 609*321*475.5mm
Net Weight: 40kg



Fast Recharge The ET-F3600 can be recharged via AC, solar power, generator, or car. With a simultaneous input of 2200W AC and 2000W solar power, this portable power station can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours.

Power Multiple Devices The ET-F3600 unit features multiple ports that can power up to 13 devices at once, including 4 PD ports, a cigarette lighter port, 2 QC 3.0 ports, 2 DC5521 ports, an XT60 port, 3 AC output ports, an AC input port, and an XT90 input port. With a variety of ports, you can charge different devices, such as phones, drones, and electric cookers.

Safe & Stable Power The ET-F3600 uses a 3840Wh LiFePO4 battery pack, which is protected by the UPS and BMS, providing exceptional security and longevity with 6500+ charging cycles and enabling long use for over 10 years. It delivers stable pure sine wave power that causes no harm to electrical appliances, and with UPS protection, it ensures uninterrupted power.

Great Portability and Convenience The ET-F3600 power station is designed with sleek wheels and an extendable handle, letting you carry it as smoothly and easily as a suitcase. Equipped with a removable flashlight and a built-in LED light, it allows you to explore the night with ease. It also comes with a cable storage bag, making it convenient to store all charging cables.

Green Power Supply It has a solar charging system, which can be recharged in a green and economical way. With a maximum solar input of 2000W, it can be fully recharged in just 2 hours. To charge the F3600 using solar power, you can use 4 SP420 solar panels.

5 Gears of Charging Speed The ET-F3600 offers 5 gears of AC input power, including 400W, 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 2200W. By selecting the appropriate power level, you can optimize your charging speed to suit your needs.

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